say no to pests. Gross!

As a client, you deserve the best; therefore, you need to hire the best. How can you be sure you are getting the best?

Here are some guidelines:

1)Look at the longevity of the company. Look at the experience of the company. These are two main indicators of a good company. The longer the company has been in business, the more skills the staff will have. Don’t hire someone who has only been on the job for a few weeks. You get what you pay for with this. Besides, the staff won’t know all there is to know about getting rid of pests.

2)Ask questions about the type of expertise the company has. Not all pest control services will have what you need. Not all companies will be able to handle your type of issue. Don’t be afraid to ask them about this. It’s best to know up front if the company will be able to help your out or not.

3)Get some references. This is not a suggestion, it’s more of a recommendation. Talk to some friends and family. Sometimes friends and family are the best resources. Your best girlfriend might have had a good experience with an organic pest control company. Friends like to share their experiences with other friends. If you are in the Phoenix area, trust pest control phoenix az Green Home Pest.

4)Find out what their licensing is like. Are they even licensed or bonded? If the company in question does not have either, it’s in your best interest to keep looking. Ask they staff what kind of education each has had. Ask the staff if continued education is part of the deal. Some companies make this a priority, others do not. It’s in your best interest to go with a pest control company who makes ongoing education a priority.

5)What if the termite or infestation problem is not solved? You need to have a guarantee from the company. Each company has it’s own guarantees. Talk to the staff about this. Find out what they do in cases of liability. Ask them how they handle it. Some companies will take all the responsibility on, because it’s their job. Others will be more reckless about it. If the company is going to have more of “this becomes your problem, not ours”, then keep on looking. This is not the kind of company you’ll want to do business with.

6)Always have a backup plan. Look at a few companies in the beginning. Take each price and compare it with the others. Which one is more worth it? Which one is going to give you the best results? The cheaper value is not always the best one. Treat this as you would an interview. You are interviewing the companies. How the staff behaves in during the interview, is a good indication of their character.